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Apr, 8th 2011 Version 2.2. Earn-Value performance and bug fixes.
Feb, 12th 2011 Version 2.1. Editor improvements, short user guide, setup program, bug fixes.
May, 19th 2010 Version 2.0. Earn-Value and graphical application for day to day imputations.
Oct, 8th 2009 Sourceforge registration. >>> [aroyer-watch] <<<
(The main location of the project remains this page)
Oct, 8th 2009 Version 1.0. First release.


Watch is an application that allows the control of imputations (basically charges in days). It also manages advanced concepts like risks and opportunities, and Earn-Value.

  1. Tasks:
    The tasks of the project are defined in a tree structure (like a WBS). According to initial quotations and planning, the final tasks have initial values, risks and opportunities, start and end-date.
  1. Imputations:
    Day by day, people fill in their activity using the Watch Editor application, just as if it was a diary log.
  2. Revisions:
    Every team participant helps managing the project by giving revisions of single tasks he/she is working at. The time remaining, risks and opportunities can be revised and when a task is declared to be done, earned value is filled in automatically.
  1. Computations:
    Eventually, the main Watch application permits the exploitation of the data above. Various reports can be generated, most relevant are presented below: report tables and history charts. As far as the reports are regular HTML, they are easily available for all participants.

(Click for live demo!)

(Click for live demo!)

Thanks to Watch, you gain:

  • Better control of expenses: Thanks to this application, you have a better control of expenses through time-tracking features, easy to setup and to use.
  • Better control of the advancement of the project: Thanks to revisions, history charts, and earn-value features, you may sense as soon as possible the deviations of the project.
  • Capitalization: The output reports constitute a fair good database of capitalization. They may be analyzed, at different levels of the WBS, once the project is finished for improvements and future quotations.
  • Team communication: Take care of not using this tool to put the guys under pressure, and you may experience the positive communication facet of it. They feel concerned with the advancement of the project, they contribute to leading it.


The watch application suite is compound of the following applications:

A short user guide of the Watch command lines is available here. More information will be given in a full user manual, coming soon. Please also have a look at the ABC-deal sample provided in the download archive.


This software, written by Alexis Royer, is under BSD-like license.

This kind of license is compatible with commercial use, modification and redistribution, under the terms of the license.


Since Watch is based on the CLI library and the XmlModelBinding tool, when downloading the source package, you'll need to download these elements as well. Watch is also based on jargs and simile softwares, which are provided within the source package.

Date Windows binaries Source Description
Apr, 8th 2011 watch-2.2-setup.exe Watch-src_2.2.tgz
Version 2.2. Current stable release.

Jan, 20th 2011 watch-2.1-setup.exe Watch-src_2.1.tgz
Version 2.1. Editor improvements, short user guide, setup program.

May, 19th 2010 Watch_2.0.tgz Watch-src_2.0.tgz
Version 2.0. Earn-value. Editor interface.

Oct, 8th 2009 Watch_1.0.tgz Watch-src_1.0.tgz
First release.


Date Version Description
Apr, 8th 2011 2.2 Major modifications (show/hide)
  • Log by task feature addition
  • History charts improvements: current and global data dissociation that allows history chart computations over the whole period of a non-terminated project
Bug corrections (show/hide)
  • Bug(critical)! Computation performance break down when computing Earn-Value over a 1 year long project
  • Bug(major)! History outputs without Earn-Value data cause javascript exceptions on display
  • Bug(major)! Nan and Infinity outputs removal on Earn-Value data of table computations
  • Bug(major)! Editor: When a task is imputed twice in a day, charges are cumulated but comments are not (last comment is lost, first is doubled)
  • Bug(minor)! xml2txt.xsl transformation: Space missing after the task name
  • Bug(minor)! watch --short transformation with --task option outputs Nan numbers
Miscellaneous (show/hide)
  • xml2%.xsl files renamed to out2%.xsl (in order to allow in2%.xsl files creation)
  • watch --until-today option addition

Jan, 20th 2011 2.1 Major modifications (show/hide)
Bug corrections (show/hide)
Miscellaneous (show/hide)

May, 19th 2010 2.0 Major modifications (show/hide)
Bug corrections (show/hide)
Miscellaneous (show/hide)

Oct, 8th 2009 1.0 First release.

Next evolutions

Still many things to do:

  • Full user-guide
  • More graphical editors (task edition, watch computations...)
  • Gantt display
  • ...

Don't hesitate to if you have any suggestion.


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